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Earth's Greatest Magus
Chapter 1447 Camelot

The annual event used to be called the Knight of Divine Order Tournament, but ever since the new King ascended the throne and reformed the order in the kingdom, it had changed, being called the Knights of The Round Table Tournament.

Even though its name changed, the function and essence of the tournament event was still the same. It was held to find the best talent of the entire kingdom, where they were then offered the opportunity to join one of the King's most trusted circles, the Round Table Knights.

On the other hand, in this year's annual event, New Briton had decided to invite their ally, the Danes from across the sea, to celebrate the occasion together.

As for Klea, her reason for attending was certainly not to join the tournament. Instead she shared a similar objective as the event, to scout out and recruit the best talent the Briton isles had to offer.

Though she was honestly a bit pessimistic about whether she could find anyone better and more talented than the Fey people, she would not pass up such an occasion. A massive gathering that brought together the best of the two great kingdoms was the best place for her to find new talents to grab.

Not only that, she had also been wanting to check out the kingdom's famed Sword of Destiny, Excalibur.

Klea turned her ahead and swept her gaze over the stone formation once more. There was a reluctance in her eyes at the thought of leaving this place, but she also understood she couldn't stay like this forever. Just maybe, a change of scenery would be good for her.

Turning to Luna, she nodded slightly, "Alright, I'm ready, Let's go."

For this trip, Klea decided to bring the youngest Fey sisters, Glita. The girl had been yearning to travel out of the forbidden forest and Klea thought the girl would cheer her up during the trip.

"You are the best sister! Thank you!" Glita said happily when she heard the news, before she jumped and hugged her tightly.

Ever since their first contact, the Quintins had been a fine collaborator and mediator between the Fey villagers and the Kingdom and this time it was no different.

The moment they stepped out of the dense forest, they were greeted by the sight of several wagons in an orderly manner. A group of dozens of guards led by Guard Captain Kastan of the Quintins Estate was seen patrolling the convoy.

After saying goodbye to the others, the two of them entered the wagon positioned in the middle of the convoy, which Luna quickly followed. The group made their way out of the Forbidden Forest and passed through Venta Town as they headed for the capital.

The journey took them two days.

As they drew closer to the famous Camelot City, they could clearly see and feel the festive atmosphere in the area surrounding the city.

There were no longer seven kingdoms in New Briton, still The Tournament allowed each knight to come with their own family insignia. There were hundreds of them in various shapes and colors. 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

The festivities had yet to reach its climax, as the atmosphere became even more rowdy when the Danes' groups of hundreds made their appearance in the city. While some were apprehensive about the foreign faces, most were curious about the people from the land across the ocean.

When the commotion in the streets began to get out of hand, two known figures of the famed Knights of the Round Table – Sir Gawain and Sir Percival – arrived to escort the Quintins' convoy to their prepared mansion.

Several hours later, the group found Queen Gwenneth herself arriving at their living quarters. She had apparently gone to check on them, and Klea to be precise.

"Welcome to Camelot, Thank you for taking the time to attend our event."

The reason for her visit was to personally invite Klea to the grand banquet.

Together with Glita, they soon arrived at a magnificent hall, Klea could see the place was filled with at least a few thousand people, mostly knights with various insignia indicating their affiliation.

As they stepped in, all eyes came upon them and one of the knights announced their arrival.

"The Queen of New Briton Gwenneth Lioness and Queen of Egypt Cleopatra"

Both of them were stunning beauties, hence it was no wonder the previous rowdy atmosphere turned silent seeing them walking through the hall.

"You are coming with me," Gwen said as she led her into the front of the hall, to sit along with the King and his knight of the Round table.

"Welcome Your Majesty," Said King Arthur with respect before the knights followed.

Finally she got to see the famous knights. From a glance, she could tell these knights were different from normal warriors, as Emery once told her. All of them were blessed by the power of the Destiny Sword, which made her want to see the sword even more.

There were supposed to be 12 of them including the King, but there were two seats remaining vacant. One of them belonged to Sir Bor, who retired last year and another belonged to the insignia of House Dulatt, which spoke the identity of the missing figure, Sir Lancelot Dulatt, Emery's known name among the knights of Camelot.

Seeing the empty seat, Klea once again thought of Emery, but Gween gently grabbed her hand and asked led her to their seat.

Before the banquet started, King Arthur stepped into the spotlight and gave a speech. He first began by introducing and welcoming the Queen of Egypt as a special guest and also the appointed spokesperson of the Danes, Jarl Haraldson.

Then the King explained the importance of a united front in the kingdom against the increasing threat of the Roman Republic in the south and the Barbarians in the north.

Once battles were mentioned, the Jarl stood up followed by their hundred strong warriors, the Vikings shouting their war cries. Something about wishing to die in battle and going to Valhalla. Klea thought there was something certainly interesting with these bunch of warriors.

After saying a few more words, he concluded his speech and officially started the banquet.

It was a grand banquet with exquisite foods, wine and music. However, there was nothing that could excite the queen of Egypt. Halfway through the banquet, Klea walked up to Arthur and said, "Your Majesty, I come here seeking your permission to have a look at the famous Sword of Destiny."

An immediate reply was the response she received, "Yes, Of course"

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Earth's Greatest Magus Chapter 1447 Camelot