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Game Transmigration: Saving the World Again 1000 Years Later
Chapter 241 - 241 Epilogue: Origin of the Moon

241 Epilogue: Origin of the Moon

He had to admit, Remides’s suggestion was their best bet for now.

So, William nodded in agreement. 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

Remides had ruled for nearly 800 of the past 1,000 years, carrying the fate of the entire Ava State on her shoulders. It was a heavy burden, but one that only she had the power, prestige, and trust to bear.

From a personal standpoint, she’d rather return to being a Ranger and Sentinel, but the reality was that no one else could step up to the plate in terms of power, prestige, and trust.

Thus, she had to remain the ruler, always considering the needs of her citizens above her own desires.

William understood this, and even though he wanted to tell Remides to lay down her burden and rest, having fulfilled her duty, and she too would like to hear him say that, he couldn’t bring himself to negate her 1,000 years of hard work.

So, they both silently let things play out as they would, even though they both knew what the other really wanted.

That’s just the way the world worked.

“So you agreed just like that?” Blake asked, disbelief etched on his face.

“Why? You want to leave too?” William teased, turning to face him.

“No, no…”

Blake hurriedly shook his hands, sighing.

“It’s not about breaking up, Lord William. Remides has had it rough. She never intended to take over Ava State. If I hadn’t found her and made a deal with her, she wouldn’t have been trapped on that throne for the next 800 years. I think she’s had enough.”

William remained silent.

The two of them walked along the wide corridor of the Dawn Fortress. The only sound was the echo of their footsteps.

After walking for a long time, William said slowly, “I know.”

He could see the tiredness and exhaustion in Remides’ eyes the moment he met her.

“This is what I owe her and all of you…”

At the end of the corridor was the Treasure Hall, a place that could only be accessed by those who knew the special codes to enter through the console.

In the game, William had used his spatial magic to create an eternal portal that connected the Treasure Hall to the Dawn Fortress.

Originally, this had been a place for game developers to test out new items, but William had turned it into a showroom for his own collection of game items.

In theory, every single item that appeared in the game could be found in the Treasure Hall. Whether they belonged to players or NPC characters, whether they were available in-game or not, they were all here.

To put it simply, all of the items that players saw in the game were just replicas summoned from this place.

In the past, William had been obsessed with the idea of uniqueness. Every time he obtained a new item in-game, he would delete the original from the Treasure Hall to ensure that his collection was one-of-a-kind.

Now, looking back, William couldn’t help but want to slap his past self.

But he knew that his collection was now complete, containing all of the unique items that could be obtained in the game, including a few plot items that couldn’t be obtained by players. All the items in the Treasure Hall were truly unique.

It was standard for RPGs to have a developer inventory used for testing.

But if this world was real, William’s Treasure Hall was a mystery.

The biggest question was where it was located.

William gazed up at the stars and considered the possibilities: Currere, Moon Realm, Astral World, Light Realm, or perhaps an unknown demiplane?

William had a feeling that this Treasure Hall was likely located in a corner of Currere. After all, using a portal spell, it was impossible to just jump to planes like the Moon Realm or the Astral World.

But, if this was Currere, then why couldn’t he use location spells to mark his spot?

To test this theory, William flew to the end of the starry sky to see if he could escape. However, the further he flew, the more blurry the concept of space became. No matter how far he traveled, if he stopped and turned around, he’d always end up back in his treasure collection.

It seemed the boundaries of this space were based on the number of items stored within it.

“I never cease to be amazed by your impressive collection,” Blake, who had been teleported to the Treasure Hall with William, looked up at the endless, starry sky and let out a sigh of awe.

Even though he wasn’t a Void Sovereign, as a high-level Moon Realm existence and the keeper of the Black Crow Gaze domain, he understood just how unbelievable it was to create a space like this.

As the embodiment of despair, all the emotions of despair in Currere helped to maintain the stability of his domain.

But even with his control over the Black Crow Gaze, his Moon Realm domain was still limited.

The Presiding Judge, on the other hand, was able to use his magical talent to create a boundless, stable space in Currere where the laws were as solid as rock. Only the Holy Spirits or the Void Sovereigns were capable of such a feat.


William didn’t know what to say in response to Blake’s praise, and he certainly couldn’t reveal the true origins of this space.

William was secretly thrilled that the portal he had built so long ago was still permanent, and the nexus had not been destroyed after all these years.

Otherwise, all the items he had spent so much time collecting would have been lost forever in this mysterious place.

“Presiding Judge, this space is…”

“Alright, Blake, I didn’t bring you here to hear you flatter me.”

Seeing that Blake was about to continue, William coughed and stopped him.

“Sorry, Presiding Judge.” Blake lowered his head in embarrassment and asked, “So what’s the matter? Do we have to come here for you to tell me?”

William’s hand went to the incurable wound on his right shoulder as he spoke,

“I’m not sure if Camilla can somehow gather information about me through this injury. That’s why we have to be extra careful when discussing sensitive matters.”

Suddenly, a few meteors fell from the sky at William’s command.

Blake was about to inquire about the topic that warranted such caution, but the aura emanating from the falling meteors immediately caused his expression to turn serious and even a little gloomy.

“Presiding Judge, these things…”

Blake turned to look at William, who had a serious expression, and asked seriously, “Why do you have these things?”


“So, these things are real?”

William didn’t respond, satisfied with the understanding he had gained from Blake’s expression.

Ironstone Oath, Blank Scroll, Burning Branch, Seed of Hope… eight items in total, all with the Origin of the Moon label.

Seven of them were DLC plot items that never saw the light of day, and the other was originally part of another plot line.

Blake stared at the glowing white seed and turned to William.

“But how is that possible? How can there be another one?”

William didn’t answer, instead pulling out the Ironstone Oath that Steelheart Widow Aiur had given him and placing it next to the one in his collection.

“Do these two things give you the same feeling?”

The two ironstone hearts, both withered and forged from the same mold, even had identical patterns on their surface.

But William, not a Moon Realm existence, couldn’t sense their deeper essence.

Blake picked up the ironstone hearts and weighed them in his hand. He said in a daze, “That’s impossible…”


William nodded and asked, “So they’re the same?”

“Identical, but this shouldn’t be possible…” Blake replied.

“Why not?” William asked, pressing further.

“These things are like the Judgment equipment in our hands. They correspond to the essence of every Void Sovereign. It’s impossible for there to be replicas…”

William wanted to tell Blake that Judgment equipment did indeed have replicas, but he knew that because of his personal habits, he had deleted them.

But as Blake spoke, William began to realize that he might be right. These items were labeled as ‘Unique’, and if he hadn’t connected to this space through the console, he would have only seen one in-game.

In fact, this was more in line with the logic of this world.

Blake’s words forced William to confront a question he had been avoiding: what was the purpose of his existence in this world?

As he thought back to the Tacma Church member’s theory that this world was a prison for the people of Currere, William couldn’t help but wonder if he had transmigrated to a parallel world based on the Doomsday Watchers, or if he had become nothing more than data in an electronic world made up of zeros and ones.

If it was the former, did his experiences from his previous world even matter in this one?

And if it was the latter, was the power he could wield limited by his status as a player?

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Game Transmigration: Saving the World Again 1000 Years Later Chapter 241 - 241 Epilogue: Origin of the Moon