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I Planted Crops Alone After Awakening The Weakest Farmer Job Class
Chapter 80 - 80 [Four-Dimensional Creature], Life and Death!

80 [Four-Dimensional Creature], Life and Death!

Skill: [Juggernaut of Death]!

Skill: [Calamity Light of the Universe]!

Skill [Life Plunder]!

Countless skills that exceeded their specifications and surpassed the Sanctuary grade and reached the divine domain were used recklessly, pouring on the huge black and white ball produced by the [Heavenly Secrets of Creation].

The power that surged enough to destroy a mountain range, an island, and even a continent made the hearts of countless people skip a beat even though they were separated by a dimensional world.

The Principal of the Tai Yi Academy was terrifyingly pale.

As the user of [Heavenly Secrets of Creation], he clearly understood how powerful of an attack the white and black ball was withstanding in this dimensional world.

If not for the obstruction of the dimensional world and the powerful divine power of the Blood God, the entire Canaan Safe Zone would have instantly turned into smoke and ceased to exist.

Even for [Heavenly Secrets of Creation], after enduring the full-power attack of the god, some spiderweb-like cracks had appeared on the originally smooth and intact surface of its barrier.

“That was close…”

“Fortunately, it was controlled by [Heaven’s Secrets of Creation]. Otherwise, not a single person in the entire Canaan Safe Zone would have survived.”

The Principal of the Tai Yi Academy looked at the huge black and white ball. Cracks had already covered the entire surface. Fortunately, the Blood God did not attack again.

Wiping his sweat, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Such a powerful attack probably consumes an astronomical amount of divine power. No matter how powerful the Blood God is, He is only at the Sanctuary grade after relocating to this world. After the series of attacks just now, He has probably exhausted His divine power.

“I hope Lin Sen’s plan succeeds…

“Otherwise, the nearly a million people in the Canaan Safe Zone will become puppets of the heretic gods to conquer the world.”

The Principal of the Tai Yi Academy did not know why, why he was placing his hopes on Lin Sen.

But, Lin Sen had grown from being an ordinary person to a Legend-grade professional. There must be something special about him. Perhaps he might really be able to deal with the Blood God.

Furthermore, when nearly a million lives were threatened by the heretic gods, the ones who really came forward were him and Lin Sen, two hot-blooded fellows.

The other human experts were still observing and collecting the combat data behind the scenes.

Although this was also to preserve the strength of humans, it still turned one’s heart cold.

A young man like Lin Sen, who dared to risk his life for ordinary people and fight a god, was humanity’s true hope.

It didn’t matter if his plan succeeded or not.

The Principal would not blame him. If necessary, he was even prepared to have his main body descend from the distant Mo Capital. Even if he had to pay a heavy price, he had to bring Lin Sen back.

Just as the Principal was still making plans for the future…


A crisp sound echoed in the sky above the entire Canaan Safe Zone.

The Principal widened his eyes and looked at the huge black and white ball in shock.

The Blood God, whose aura was originally weak and His divine power exhausted, seemed to have returned to the past at this moment. It became dignified and solemn again, and its exhausted divine power had also recovered fully.

A series of divine spell skills that contained the attributes of death and life descended on the huge white and black ball again like a storm, making the barrier that was already shattered and filled with cracks even more fragile and distorted.

“How come?”

The Principal of the Tai Yi Academy was agape, his eyes filled with disbelief.

“He was isolated in the [Heavenly Secrets of Creation], how can He recover divine power?

“Could it be that… the Blood God, or gods in general, have other characteristics that humans don’t know about?”

It was no wonder he was so surprised.

It had only been a few decades since the entire human society had moved on from the verge of destruction. Relying on the appearance of professionals, it had barely stabilized its position as the leader of the Blue Planet.

In a few decades, perhaps they would come into contact with the Sanctuary grade of living beings and also the power of gods.

However, a few decades were still too short.

Every god had existed for at least millions of years.

Although the supernatural system that humans had come into contact with for decades was supplemented by the support of other intelligent civilizations, an intelligent civilization that could establish diplomatic relations with humans was clearly not a powerful existence.

Humans still knew very little about the true juggernauts in the various dimensions—gods.

They only knew that the gods were high-dimensional creatures, but he did not know if they had other special abilities. 𝚒𝓃𝘯𝙧𝚎𝗮𝚍. 𝒄𝐨𝓂

It was only until now that the Principal of the Tai Yi Academy and countless human higher-ups who had witnessed this scene through the projection on the screen knew that the Blood God, or rather, a god, had the ability to instantly recover His exhausted divine power.

“This is nothing. After my settings, [Heavenly Secrets of Creation] doesn’t have anything that can allow the Blood God to recover His divine power. Could it be that gods can conjure energy out of thin air?

“They can violate the law of conservation of energy?”

The Principal of the Tai Yi Academy found it very ridiculous. If that was the case, the gods could modify the laws of physics.

Then, the technology that humans were so proud of would be a pile of scrap metal in front of them!

But soon, the Principal did not have the time to feel despair for the future of humanity. This was because not long ago, the Blood God had exhausted all His divine power again. After His recovery, he attacked the black and white giant ball for the third time.

As a True God-level item, the [Heavenly Secrets of Creation] would suppress the Blood God whose level was inferior to it.

However, he, the user of the item, was only a pseudo-Sanctuary combat professional. It was still too difficult for him to deal with a wisp of the Blood God origin that was constantly erupting.

“No, if this continues, the [Heavenly Secrets of Creation] won’t be able to hold on at all. No one in the entire Canaan Safe Zone will be able to escape!”

The Principal’s face turned red. A vast amount of psionic energy surged out of his avatar, turning into strands of translucent spiritual energy that attached themselves to the backs of everyone in the Canaan Safe Zone, pushing them to escape quickly to the edge of the Blood God’s divine kingdom.

There were also some others, for example, Gu Wan’er, Lin Sen’s sister, Liu Xiangxiang, Yueya, and some professionals with high potential who were given preferential treatment. He protected them with faster spiritual energy wings and they were already approaching the periphery of the Blood God’s divine kingdom.

“Cry, struggle, and wail!


“Then, in endless suffering, die in resentment!


When the Blood God, who was transmogrified from a wisp of His origin, saw this scene, a twisted and crazy smile appeared on His distorted face. It was as if this divine body that contained a wisp of His Origin and a vast amount of Blood of the World was not unimportant.

As long as He could slaughter the struggling insects on the ground and make that very special little insect regret it!

He was a four-dimensional creature and had a skill——

[Four-Dimensional Creature]: Active; preserves memories and rewinds time to the past or fast-forwards to the future; every second consumes 1% psionic energy.

As long as the Blood of the World was not exhausted, He could return to His peak in an endless cycle and shatter this d*mned barrier!


With a crisp sound, the barrier of [Heavenly Secrets of Creation] was shattered.

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I Planted Crops Alone After Awakening The Weakest Farmer Job Class Chapter 80 - 80 [Four-Dimensional Creature], Life and Death!