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513 One Thought Godfiend

“The Crouching Dragon has attacked! It should be safe this time!”

“That’s right. After all, it’s a Crouching Dragon. It’s never disappointed anyone!”

“His sword technique is even more unfathomable. Look, he’s even triggered the Mystic True Flame.”

“Watch carefully! Let’s see how he shows off.”

The surrounding crowd cheered. Clearly, they thought very highly of Lingtian’s performance.

After all, they could feel the power of this shocking sword light from afar.

Lingtian was also a young man. Hearing everyone’s praise, he revealed a smug smile.

However, in the next second, his smile stiffened.

The violent sword aura hit Meng Tian’s light barrier like a stone sinking to the bottom of the sea. It was silent. He felt an incomparably vast aura. He was very weak and powerless in the face of such energy.

“What… what’s going on?”

“General Meng’s light barrier is already so powerful? What level is he?”

“Damn, so it’s not that the phoenix chick is too trashy, but that General Meng has reached a height we can’t reach.”

“This defense is too shocking. As expected of the right-hand man of the Firmament Saint Emperor, just a light barrier is enough to stump the Crouching Dragon and the Phoenix Chick.”

After seeing all of this, everyone understood that this was caused by the huge difference in strength.

“This…” The Crouching Dragon and Phoenix Chick did not have to look at each other automatically to see the bitter smile in each other’s eyes. 𝐢n𝒏𝘳𝙚𝒶𝘥. 𝗰𝚘𝓂

They originally thought that even if they could not defeat Meng Tian, they could still break through his light barrier.

However, it was obvious that they were too whimsical and knew nothing about power.

“Keep attacking! Don’t waste time.”

“Although you can’t break through my defense, I can clearly sense the strength of your strength!”

“I’ll also use this to choose the candidates!”

Seeing the scene suddenly fall silent, Meng Tian crossed his arms and smiled calmly.

He had expected this situation. Although prodigies were awesome, they needed time to grow because they were still young.

Now that these people had not completely grown up, they were naturally nothing to worry about.

Then, a few prodigies launched violent attacks and kept greeting Meng Tian. The latter did not move and was calm.

“A single thought can reach the sky. The Godfiend is fearless!”

Light and darkness intertwined and blasted the light barrier.

“Impressive! That’s Lin Feng. He actually left a ripple on Meng Tian’s light barrier!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Lin Feng’s ‘One Thought Godfiend’ has already reached the realm of perfection. How terrifying!”

Everyone erupted in violent cheers and exclamations. This was because this was the only case of success so far.

This was the first time someone could leave a ripple on the Meng Tian light barrier.

Not to mention a ripple, even the sound of the others’ attacks was negligible.

Ye Chen looked at Lin Feng as if he did not take him seriously.

Instead, he looked at Zhou Han, who had yet to attack. This was his true competitor.

“Heh! It’s my turn to attack! Zhou Han, you have to watch carefully!” Ye Chen thought.

During this period of time, Zhou Han was in the limelight and became a topic of discussion on the streets and alleys.

Ye Chen prided himself as the number one prodigy in the Firmament Imperial City. Because of Zhou Han’s appearance, everything changed.

The difference in his heart was obvious. It was impossible to say that he did not have resentment.

Therefore, he also wanted to use today’s test to prove his powerful talent and strength again.

“In that case, undo the seal! From today onwards, I’ll become the focus of the Firmament Imperial City again.”

Ye Chen thought excitedly in his heart. His blood was boiling, and the power in his body was constantly rumbling.

The seal on his body instantly broke.

“Asura Martial God: World King Fist!”

In a few microseconds, the violent power had already been completely stimulated. With a furious roar, the extreme attack speed directly struck Meng Tian’s light barrier.


A shocking bang resounded in the huge palace.

Originally, everyone was still shocked by Lin Feng’s One Thought Godfiend.

This time, everyone looked over in unison.




The vibration echoed for a long time.

Everyone saw Ye Chen bathed in red light like a martial god.

“Oh my God! Ye Chen opened the seal. The red light is his famous ultimate skill, ‘Asura Martial God: World King Fist’!”


“The power of the Asura Martial God is indeed extremely powerful!”

“I didn’t expect Ye Chen’s strength to be so terrifying. I always thought that he was only a little stronger than me. He is indeed a hundred million points stronger!”

“This simply far exceeds us prodigies! I have to admit it!”

“Ye Chen was too low-key previously. If not for such a test this time, he would definitely have hidden his strength. He’s really a role model for us!”

With a punch, everyone was shocked. As prodigies, at this moment, they knew how big the gap between them and Ye Chen was.

This was the power of a peerless genius. It was as powerful as a breakthrough and exceeded several levels.

“Ye Chen, right? You’re not bad!”

“As expected of the Qilin of the Ye Family!”

The prodigies were shocked. This was nothing. Even the powerful Meng Tian looked surprised.

Meng Tian was naturally very satisfied with this. This was the first time he had praised it like this. Clearly, he could clearly feel Ye Chen’s powerful combat strength. He had great potential.

“Thank you for your praise, General! I’m sorry. I didn’t do well enough. I have to work harder!” Ye Chen felt a little smug, but he said humbly.


“The path of cultivation is like sailing against the current. If you don’t advance, you’ll fall behind! If you can realize this, your future achievements will definitely be above mine!”

Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Meng Tian’s eyes were filled with even more admiration.

Although Ye Chen still did not break the light barrier, Meng Tian could clearly feel the commotion and violent power.

Ye Chen had already stepped into the Pseudo Sovereign-grade.

Therefore, it was not an exaggeration for Meng Tian to say such words. Ye Chen was not even a hundred years old yet. He had more room for development in the future.

“Impressive. He obtained General Meng’s recognition. I’m so envious!”

“Of course. Brother Chen is powerful and so humble and polite. I admire him too much.”

“Now, only Zhou Han hasn’t attacked. I wonder how he will perform? I’m really looking forward to it!”

“That’s right. It’s really satisfying to watch the battle between the top prodigies!”

Everyone’s gaze kept sweeping across Ye Chen and Zhou Han.

Everyone subconsciously began to compare the two of them in their hearts. Between Ye Chen and Zhou Han, who was stronger?

Ye Chen, who had been praised, slowly turned his gaze to Zhou Han again.

He looked forward to seeing surprise and even shock on Zhou Han’s face.

However, Ye Chen was disappointed. Zhou Han’s expression remained indifferent.

This made Ye Chen furious.

“Hmph! Continue pretending!”

“You were just lucky that you could successfully kill the phantom of the Heaven Lord! Otherwise, I, Ye Chen, would definitely be the one who became famous!” His expression quickly changed for a while before he quickly regained his faint smile and walked towards Zhou Han.

“Zhou Han, you’re the only one who hasn’t attacked yet. Shouldn’t you show us?”

“After all, we didn’t see you fight the crowd alone that day. What a pity!”

“It’s our honor to be able to admire your elegance today!”

Ye Chen said with a smile. On the surface, it looked like a compliment, raising Zhou Han to an extremely high position.

In fact, if the combat strength Zhou Han displayed after attacking was not as powerful as Ye Chen,

Zhou Han would lose all his face and become a laughingstock. Ye Chen would also use this opportunity to gain more fame and regain the title of the number one prodigy in the Firmament Imperial City.

“Oh? Is it my turn?” Zhou Han yawned. Looking at these weaklings’ performance, he was about to fall asleep.

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