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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
Chapter 3501 - 3501 Big brother, please spare me

3501 Big brother, please spare me

There was no doubt that Heng Yongxu cared a lot about his reputation as a genius! This was his pride! It was his glory!

“You little brat! You’re simply too much!”

“In the past, all I had to do was announce my name and those weaker than me would look up to me!” Heng Yongxu said excitedly. Those who are stronger than me will give me some face! So many people are crying and shouting that they want to worship Bai Tian to be their big brother!”

“But you brat, you actually dare to make this genius acknowledge you as my big brother? This was no longer a slap to the face of this genius! You’re just rubbing this genius’s face on the ground! This genius will not tolerate this!”

“You listen well! I’ll give you three seconds! Kneel down and call this genius your big brother! Otherwise, this genius will definitely let you know what despair is! When that time comes, don’t regret … Uh … Big brother, I was wrong!”

As Heng Yongxu was talking non-stop, he suddenly changed the topic and knelt on the ground.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang …”

The stupa warrior knelt on the ground and knocked his head on the ground like a hammer. He shouted, ” “Big brother, I was wrong! Please … Please don’t get angry!”

“Heh, great genius, didn’t you want me to know what despair is?”

Chen Xiaobei sneered.

In his hand, a dark red fire seed was dancing.

As an ancient genius of the untainted land, Heng Yongxu could tell at a glance that it was the kindling of the true Samadhi fire!

This was a very powerful divine level heavenly flame! 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

Even the Grand Supreme elderly Lord liked to use this kind of strange fire to refine pills! One could see how powerful it was!

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare … How can I make big brother despair? Big brother, you should be the one making me despair!”

Heng Yongxu knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

It was obvious that the true Samadhi fire could easily destroy a two-star heaven immortal stupa armored warrior.

The Heng family’s Secret mechanism technique was powerful and could allow one to possess a body in a mechanism to prevent one from dying from the end of their life.

However, this secret skill had a huge flaw!

Once the mechanism was damaged, the dark spirit inside would be destroyed as well. It would not even be able to escape!

At that moment, Heng Yongxu was afraid that Chen Xiaobei would use his true Samadhi fire to kill this genius.

&Quot; then, I’ve never heard of your name. Are you convinced? ” Chen Xiaobei asked again.

“I’m convinced!” Heng Yongxu nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice.”I’m just a small character, how can I be worthy of big brother’s eyes? It’s perfectly reasonable that you don’t know me!”

“I’m asking you to pay respects to your big brother, do you feel aggrieved?” Chen Xiaobei asked again.

“I’m not aggrieved, I’m not aggrieved!” “It’s my great fortune to have you as my big brother!” Heng Yongxu said hurriedly. Don’t even mention acknowledging big brother! Even if you want me to acknowledge you as my Godfather, I’d be willing to do it!”

“Ha, you really change your face faster than turning the pages of a book!” &Quot; get up! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei said. &Quot; you’ll be following me from now on! &Quot;

“Yes! Yes, sir!” Heng Yongxu stood up and said,”Then what if I call you big brother in the future? Or should I call you Godfather?”

“Call me bro bei!” Chen Xiaobei said.

“Yes! Bro bei!” Heng Yongxu called out without hesitation.

&Quot; alright, stop talking nonsense. How do I get to the next level now? ” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“Simple!” Heng Yongxu laughed.

Then, with a thought, he retracted the spirituality of the Buddha armored warrior.

There was a special array in the assessment space. If one could not sense the spirituality of the Budur armorer, they would assume that the Budur armorer had been defeated.

This way, Chen Xiaobei had defeated the three stupa Warriors and cleared the level.

“Chi …”

Soon, the door to the next stage opened.

“Bro bei! Let’s go!”

Heng Yongxu immediately jumped up and ran towards the space gate in excitement.

“What do you mean?”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. &Quot; “Can you pass through this space gate?”


“The restriction on the space gate only prevents the primordial spirit from passing through!” Heng Yongxu said. My nascent soul and soul are both here, so the restriction won’t stop me!”

“Then why didn’t you leave earlier?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei thought of LAN bingyan. This woman had the ability to go to the next level as well, but she stayed in the same spot and did not move an inch.

This was too strange!

&Quot; to be honest, the later the challenge, the more difficult it will be. I don’t dare to go to the next level without full confidence! &Quot;

Heng Yongxu’s voice was low. He paused and said, &Quot; bro bei, if you’re not confident, then let’s just stay here for now. As long as there’s life, there’s hope! &Quot;

“What do you mean?”

Chen Xiaobei was surprised. &Quot; “Could it be that even two-star heaven Immortals can’t pass the trap behind it? If that’s the case, the original master of Yunyi Celestial Palace should not have let a one-star heaven immortal come in to die!”

It was obvious that Heng Yongxu had already strengthened this stupa warrior to the early stage of two-star heaven immortal realm. If even he did not dare to continue to pass the test, then wouldn’t a large number of one-star heaven Immortals who came to participate in the test all be courting death?

If that was the case, they shouldn’t have let a one-star celestial immortal in from the beginning!

How was this choosing an heir? He was clearly deliberately scamming people!


Heng Yongxu explained,”the original owner of the Yunyi Celestial Palace did not limit the cultivation level of the candidates!” What he wants to test is the candidate’s talent and Foundation!”


“Just like the stupa armor warrior, it’s only one minor realm higher than the candidate’s cultivation. Instead, we need to choose the candidates with greater talent and a stronger Foundation!”

&Quot; in other words, the difficulty of the traps will change according to the cultivation of the examinees. The higher the cultivation of the examinees, the more difficult the examination will be! &Quot;

&Quot; only candidates who can cross a small realm to battle and overcome greater difficulties can meet the selection criteria of Yunyi immortal Palace! &Quot;

Obviously, the original master of the Yunyi Celestial Palace really wanted to choose an inheritor and did not want to cheat people.

However, his selection criteria were a little too harsh.

For ordinary people, especially those who had reached the celestial immortal realm, the difference in strength between each minor realm was unimaginably huge. It was almost an impossible task to cross realms and fight.

Furthermore, the obstacles in the future might not only require him to fight across a minor realm.

Because of this, Heng Yongxu and LAN bingyan didn’t dare to step into the next level! Rather than risk his life, it was better to live a peaceful life and wait for the situation to change.

Without a doubt, LAN bingyan and Heng Yongxu’s wait was worth it! It was the correct choice!

Because they had been waiting for Chen Xiaobei, the real person who could break out of this situation!

“I see. I thought it was a big deal!”


Chen Xiaobei waved his hand and said, ” “Isn’t it just a few minor realms? I’m not afraid even if I have to fight a battle that’s a whole realm higher than mine!”

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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 3501 - 3501 Big brother, please spare me