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The Supreme Satanic System
Chapter 345 KóKó Chǎ Versus Damien! [3]

The over one thousand Ice-Lotus's petal chakras spun and moved toward the snakes. As they passed, the chakras ground almost seventy-five percent of the snakes in their paths and turned the remaining into icy statues of snakes in the air.

"Anyway, this snake-summoning skill of yours is too lousy." Bobby appraised and then he made a horizontal lay swing with the rusty katana in his hand.

Kaboom!.... The cracking sound of the icicles chimed all around leaving KóKó Chǎ dumbstruck for a moment.

"Argh! How is this even possible?" He asked himself as this was the first time someone, nevertheless a human brat obliterated his Snake Animation all at once.

Meanwhile, Bobby waved his hand moving the remaining bed of Ice Lotus to collect all the greenish poisonous remnants from destroying all the snakes. Soon, a large amount of them was collected and sealed within the lotus. And he put it within his Purple Spatial Beast's Eyeball.

"Thanks for this nice gift. Well, I'll let you grant another move. Just one. So, try using your strongest skill. And I'll end this for good." Bobby said.

'Huh! Looking down on me. Fine, this human brat is very strange. I'll take this chance to end him using Goddess Medusa's grace.' KóKó Chǎ wondered in his head. Then he shut his eyes and started chanting a mantra. It was not just the simple spell this time as he started igniting the small trace of the bloodline in his bloodstream. "Gorgon Bloodline, Activate!" i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

Bobby had witnessed Chieftain Juno using this technique before. So, he observed carefully to see KóKó Chǎ activating it and producing a strong suction force from his body, thereby, causing a whirlpool of surrounding Internal Origin Q? to bore into his body. Even his long black hair was lifted in the air and ten of them turned into serpents. "Oh, here comes the real deal!" He muttered.

With a ghostly, hoarse voice, Chǎ cried, "Stone Gaze, Activate!" Then he added, "Human if you have the gut then look in my…"

Before he even finished, Bobby jumped in, "eyes. Leader KóKó, do you want to hear another secret of your so-called Goddess, Medusa? Although Stone Gaze is one of the strongest techniques, it is also a curse that makes Medusa live a miserable life for the rest of her days."

His words seemed to pique KóKó Chǎ's interest this time, as responded, "Fine, let me hear it before I kill you for good."

"Hehe, as if you can. Anyway," Bobby said, "Truth be told, Medusa was once a goddess with a human physique serving under the Goddess Athena. She was the most beautiful lady even among the god circle. But, something happened inside the palace of Goddess Athena, one day, Neptune God also called Poseidon happened to see her and was enamored by her beauty. So, he slept with her, probably rape."

He continued his story that he read from one of the fable books of God of Olympus, "Medusa came before Athena to take revenge for her. But, Goddess Athena blamed her instead. Maybe, she was also jealous of her beauty.

So, she cursed her to become a gorgon monster claiming that from that day onward, no one in the world will be able to look at her face straight as they will all be turned into stone."

In defense of her, KóKó Chǎ shouted: "Huh, cut the crap! What Gorgon Monster? I've seen her once when I was inside my mother's womb through my mother's shared vision, and it's safe to say that there is no second lady comparable to her beauty. "

"Yep, she is the most beautiful woman even after becoming a Gorgon Monster. That's the exact reason making me even pettier for her." Bobby responded, explaining patiently. "What good is beauty when there is no one to behold and praise her? So, it consumed her slowly into darkness. Although Stone Gaze is one of the strongest curse spells, there is still one drawback; if one does not direct gaze, then nothing happens, right?"

The surrounding turned silent as KóKó started frowning.

"Hmm, don't worry. It will be interesting to see if you can turn me into a statue just by looking into your eyes. Nevertheless, your Stone Gaze is too weak considering you have only ten serpent hairs." Bobby said. Then he flapped his wings and the next thing he was standing a few meters away from KóKó Chǎ. And he looked into his brown-beastly eyes.

Just at that moment, Bobby saw a beautiful lady with serpent hair hissing and blinding his vision from the white light emitting from her eyes. "Ah, it's her– Medusa!" He yelled before his soul was sucked into a strange completely dark realm and he felt the feeling of continuous free falling into the sea of pitch-black darkness.

Meanwhile, outside in the real metaphysical world, Bobby froze in the air. His body started changing into a gray stone beginning from his legs and spreading further upward.

Layla, who had been observing calmly, sprang up to her feet and shrieked, "Uncle Shadow, you have to help my master. Something has happened to him. I can't feel his soul anymore. At this rate, he's going to become a stone statue. Please, do something."

Shadow Slave raised his head and gave a glance. Then he stood still trying to regain his Internal Origin Q?. He remained nonchalant just like before.

Layla jumped and started shaking his long tail. "Ah, do something or I'll bite your tail off for good."

Finally, Shadow Slave looked at her and said, "Calm down, little girl! Not even millions and millions of such savvy techniques could stop our master. Just stay patient and enjoy the show." He further added looking at his tail. "Alright, just leave my poor tail alone."

Layla sat back and continued watching. "Still, I'm not convinced. If your words were true then I'll consider sparing your poor tail from the excruciating of my mighty teeth." She still held the tail, clinching it tightly.

Meanwhile, high above in the sky, KóKó glanced at the slowly petrifying Bobby and started laughing maniacally. "Serve you right, you arrogant brat. Humph!" He sneered…. (please, stay tuned!)

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The Supreme Satanic System Chapter 345 KóKó Chǎ Versus Damien! [3]